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Product *********** / Features:

Engineered with Simplicity and Convenience ** its core, ** ***** to create the most ********* ******* experience, the Rider 420 is ***** with 2.3” high quality optically bonded display, producing a crystal-clear view **** any angle.

*** follow ***** function with turn-by-turn ***** exploring unfamiliar areas worry free, and by ************* Full Global Navigation ********* System (GNSS) support, *** Rider 420 ******* a faster satellite fix and guarantees more precise positioning *** recording.

It also provides ******* compatibility by working perfectly with both ANT+ and BLE sensors, ****** the Rider 420 a simple and precise GPS Cycle computer that is **** as start-and-go!

Rider 420 provides rich data *** ********** gauging the *********** of each ride. It incorporates up to 77+ functions including Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Cadence, Altitude, Power and HR.

The Rider 420 is equipped **** a powerful battery, ***** ** challenge any long-distance ride! It provides up to 35 hours of battery life and can be chargedvia power bank while recording.

The Rider 420 also caters to riders using power meter pedals. Simply ***** the crank ****** for calibration and receive precise power values generated from *** power ***** pedals.

***** worry about missing important phone calls, ****** or ***** during ***** again! Rider 420 provides ************* whenever phone calls, emails or text ******** *** received after simple BLE pairing **** Android/iOS smart phones.

Tailor the **** display with the Bryton ****** App! After pairing with Bryton Active App, data fields/pages *** be customized based on training ***** via BLE on your phone, and it's ***** easy to use!

Display: 2.3 inches Mono LCD

Battery Hour: 35 Hours

GPS: High-*********** Chipset

Waterproof: IPX7

Alerts: Yes

Lap history: 130 laps

Log history: 300 hours

Heart rate zones: 7 zones

Operating Temperature: -10C° ~ 50C°

Mount Compatability: Proprietary Bryton Mounting System (Use of 3rd ***** mounts will not covered ** warranty)

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