Mackay Cycles newest Brand Ambassador : Daniel McDonnell

With a hunger to explore my potential within endurance sports, I decided one year ago that there was no reason why I couldn't be a professional triathlete. I’m currently on-board with several Whitsunday sponsors who help me get the most out of myself in all areas including nutrition, coaching and physiotherapy; it's great being able to count on local businesses for support!

The 2022 season is going to be huge! I have become a store ambassador for Mackay Cycles and being part of the best team in the business for the Whitsunday region makes me feel really good. With my new role as an Ironman racer who hopes one day to become a professional triathlete it's time that we get some results on our resumes together.

Three months ago, there were no bikes in Australia, but Kyle and the team have worked tirelessly against supply shortages and general lack of new triathlon bikes in Australia to get me on a beautiful, Specialised Shiv Elite with all the goods.

The new bike is an absolute joy to ride. It's comfortable and FAST. 

A custom retul fit, dual sided power meter, adequate hydration/storage, and race wheels are some of the things that make me smile every time I ride this bike.

I am very optimistic about the upcoming season which is jam packed full of local racing, and half Ironman distance races in the Sunshine Coast, Cairns and then eventually Utah, St George for the age group world 70.3 titles in October. A goal of mine is to try go top 3 in the 18-24yrs at these titles, with the exception of Cairns. There, I want to ride my newest Specialised Shiv, have fun and take first place in my age group on June 13th - a goal that is both ambitious yet achievable! 

I look forward to being a part of this professional team for 2022 and hope to see everyone out there racing! Any questions about getting into triathlons or anything regarding the three disciplines feel free to reach out! 

Instagram: danielhmcdonnell_

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