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With a few big rides on the horizon culminating in my 5,500km IPWR attempt in March, I’m concerned about two things in particular.

  1. First saddle sores and there isn’t much more I can do besides, suck it up.
  2. The second is my neck.

I have found that after about 1500kms I’m in the hurt locker. Above 2500kms my head is pretty much a dead weight on a limp neck. To physically look ahead in the TT position is agonising so I’ve relaxed my TT position for this ride, I’ve been doing target exercises, investigating support aids and looking for the best helmet option’s. So I thought I’d share my learning for anyone looking at helmets options.

From reviews online, the very best high-performance road cycling helmets include:

    • Best overall road: Specialized Prevail II ANGI MIPS
    • Lightest: Lazer Genesis 2020
    • Best on a budget: Met Strale
    • Best aero: MET Trenta 3K Carbon
    • Best for winter: Lazer Z1

For me I use the S-Works Prevail and Evade. In my opinion the S-Works Evade is the best helmet, it’s my go to helmet for everything from Saturday morning Coffee Cruz’s, club races, multi-day training rides, all the way to adventure races like "The Race Around The Netherlands", it’s just awesome. But after committing to ride the 5,500 kilometre IPWR I’m looking for a lightweight option, one that’s comfortable and doesn’t significantly impact aero (aeroiseverything😉).

With hours on google and in discussion with Mackay Cycles we looked at all sorts of options and then settled on testing the stated,175g Limar Ultralight.

To put this helmet into prospective it’s appropriately 90 grams lighter than the Prevail II and 200 grams lighter than my Evade.

Limar says: "Have you ever dreamed of a road helmet so light you would think it's not even on your head? Limar has made your dreams come true”, claiming the lightest road bike helmet on earth. Together with its Competition+ Fit-System, double shell in-mould technology and 22 air vents frame this sporty helmet looks the part but does it deliver?

Well first things first:

  • Weight 170grams in the shop, so weight✅
  • Initial ride (395kms Mackay to Townsville) I found it to be pretty quite in the wind so Aero ✅

Feel, as soon as you are away it feels like you’re not wearing a helmet at all, the chinstrap pads for me was dead weight so I took it off and the straps were comfortable, fit snug to my cheeks and had little noise. Sunglasses and headphones were also no issues (got to tick for the most important things first 😂)

There is a bug net mesh on the front vents and initially I thought it could be removed to save a few more grams but it does the job and having been stung on the head by a bee during a race once, I now think it’s a nice innovation?

Overall I found it to be a great helmet all round but especially for my longer rides. I have read reports that it scuffs up but I think most helmets will if not looked after and I haven’t noticed any issues so far. Will it replace my Prevail or Evade? for my longer ride definitely, I just finished a 1400km week on the bike and the weight benefit and relief for my neck muscles was unbelievable, I had no issues😁.

The prevail is still a great helmet but for the endurance rides it will be the Limar Ultralight. The Evade, will still be my go to helmet for everything else, I just love it, comfortable, quite, Airo, just a sensational helmet. The magnet clips are so sweet, when my hands are completely numb, so easy to use and at the end of the day Aero is everything, free speed 🚴‍♂️💨💨💨


In summary, what do I think about the Ultralight?

Cost is on point, no compromises on safety, delivers on everything Limar claims. If they made a couple of small tweaks to the straps, like the magnet clip and a fixed strap divider on the Evade, this would be an exceptional helmet but love it just the same. I believe this should outrank the Lazer Genesis 2020 as the best lightweight helmet hands down.

Anyone looking for a smick, cost effective, cool, lightweight helmet for anything from everyday riding upto ultra racing and bike packing, I would definitely recommend the Limar Ultralight. 👌👍

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